APAS plans series of Podcasts in three major areas :

• Demystifying Reforms. Here we will have series of Podcast, where policy makers will discuss with APAS major reforms in BFSI sector.

• What’s on the Minds of Successful CEOs. Industry leaders will discuss the opportunities and business risks as well as trends in BFI sector with APAS.

• Ask Ashvin. These Podcasts are planned for professionals in business, risk and transaction advisory practice. The professionals will get a platform to seek guidance for the career growth in consulting profession.

The Podcast platform is available to the thought leaders in the BFSI sectors to discuss the above. APAS has a community of about 1400 readers of their monthly newsletter. The audience comprises of foreign investors including foreign institutional investors (FIIs), private equity firms (PEs), sovereign, pension and other funds, policy makers, regulators, industry leaders and CEOs of insurance broking and other servicing entities.

Episode 1

Demystifying Reforms

Reforms in the Insurance Sector

In this week’s episode, Mr. Ashvin Parekh sat down for a conversation with Mr. Saurabh Mishra to discuss the recent reforms in the insurance sector.

Episode 2

Demystifying Reforms

BFSI Insights

Why Foreign Banks are exiting or scaling down their operations in India.

Episode 3

Demystifying Reforms

Rate Hike by Monetary Policy

APAS, to discuss the recent rate hike by the monetary policy committee – May 2022

Episode 4

Demystifying Reforms

A Larger Role For Primary Dealers

In this week’s episode, Mr. Ashvin Parekh sat down for a conversation with Mr. Shailendra Jhingan, MD & CEO, ICICI Securities Primary Dealership, to discuss the new reform expanding the scope of activities by primary dealers.

We welcome your feedback on our show and will be glad to receive subjects of your interest on which you would like to hear our views. Do write to us at info@ap-as.com.

Episode 5

Demystifying Reforms

SEBI’s New Payment Mechanism

In this week’s episode, Mr. Ashvin Parekh sat down for a conversation with Mr. Vijay Chandok, MD & CEO, ICICI Securities, to discuss the proposed new payment mechanism being considered by SEBI.

Episode 6

Emerging trends in the mutual funds industry feat. Sundeep Sikka

In the latest episode, host Ashvin Parekh is joined by Mr Sundeep Sikka, ED & CEO at Nippon Life India Asset Management Ltd.

They discuss the major trends in the mutual fund industry, signifying the opportunities and also the challenges.

Episode 7

Insights into RBI’s pilot launch of digital currency for wholesale transactions in India

To talk about the innovative step taken by the Reserve Bank of India, Mr Ashvin Parekh is joined by Mr B Prasanna, The Group Executive Head, Global Markets and Proprietary Trading Group ICICI Bank