Business Advisory

Business Advisory

Dynamics of business environment keep evolving business issues and opportunities from time to time for all sorts of business establishments. From stringent regulations to market consolidation, we live in an increasingly complex world. Having resources is not enough to resolve issues and seize opportunities arising out of the developments taking place. Astute guidance to the corporates at such point of time paves way to add substantial value at optimum cost by leveraging available resources.

We understand business challenges and have first-hand experience of operating in such an environment. We partner with clients and bring unique insights to support them in getting better results, with more certainty. We not only assist in developing business strategy but also in executing it and improve performance transformation initiatives. We target holistic growth and sustenance of a business and assist in managing its performance through different business cycles. We provide clients with integrated solutions for their businesses across functions that help in unlocking their true potential. We offer tailored, innovative and comprehensive solutions for specific client business needs. We help turn strategy into reality.

APAS comprises of a suite of strategy consulting capabilities which are directed towards enabling corporates to seamlessly achieve corporate, business and operational objectives. APAS has designed and developed advisory capabilities to unlock the potential for growth for its dynamic clients. APAS is leveraging on the ability of its professionals to offer distinctive, high quality and personalized services to businesses. APAS’s strength lies in its ability to combine Reason and Instinct to solve complex business challenges for its dynamic clients.

Clients can benefit from our vast experience, knowledge of industry issues and technical expertise to help them focus on the most pressing needs of their businesses. We support clients throughout their business lifecycles and help them emerge stronger and smarter by delivering a distinctive client experience through tailored service offerings and resources.

APAS renders following services under Business Advisory Service (BAS) line:

  • Business transformation services
  • Performance improvement and cost reduction services
  • Business plan development & validation
  • Feasibility study
  • Diagnostic study
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Operational strategy support
  • Business License procurement


APAS assists banks in green field as well as brown field ventures. APAS assists institutions and individuals in conceptualization, regulatory application and operationalization of banks including Universal banks, and differentiated banks like Small Finance Banks and Payment Banks. Further, APAS assists banks in their branch expansion strategy. APAS assists conversion of one form of bank into another by providing regulatory application and other assistance. APAS also assists foreign banks in applying for licenses to operate in India

Regulatory application and assistance typically involve developing strategy-based report, drafting a comprehensive business plan which supports the application, structuring of the application, explanation of the regulatory requirements, providing clarity on the regulations by interpretation, and communicating with the regulator/s and following up post- application.

APAS provides strategic advisory to banks on various matters including operational matters like distribution and various other regulatory and compliance matters. APAS assists banks in preparing policy and processes documents as per the regulations. APAS, with its’ connect with the industry, regulators and the government can not only help in compliance but also bring in the global best practices.

In this age of technology, APAS plays its’ role in the fin-tech disruption and has closely been working with fintech providers and banks. APAS connects the global fin-techs and the banks. Starting with assistance in procuring technology solutions including core banking, treasury, trade finance, payments solutions, etc. to empaneling technology vendors like vendors for Switch, ATM Managed Services, and cyber security, to assistance in procuring advanced solutions and platforms for the next-level growth, APAS assists its’ banking clients at every stage of technology adoption.

APAS is actively associated with the reform of urban co-operative banks migrating to small finance bank model and has successfully assisted a multi-state UCB in transiting to SFB model in all aspects including assistance in preparation of application to the regulator and assistance in evolving a transition road map.


Insurance companies globally have faced major disruption due to pandemic in life, general and health insurance. The loss ratio and combined ratio of most firms have witnessed sizeable rise. Associated with the pandemic challenges, the insurance companies have also faced issues associated with the work from home and new technology adoption. These issues have compelled the insurance companies to strengthen their products, pricing, distribution and more significantly policyholder servicing. In the health insurance sector, the policyholder have far more expectations from their insurers.

Insurance companies are reshaping their approaches in different lines of businesses, transforming their processes and have a higher technology adoption and acceptance not only from the employees but also from customers.

The financial performance of various insurance companies in India establish a material fact – the agile companies have not only survived but have done well and risen above the others. Those who have considered the challenge as an opportunity have demonstrated noticeable change in their performance.

In addition to the disruption arising out the above the policy framework and the regulatory changes have also had a large share in offering more challenges and opportunities to the insurance companies. The reforms associated with foreign investments in the sector from both strategic and financial investors have changed the shareholding structure of many companies.

The insurance companies have to think afresh their distribution approaches including a search for new distribution partners with digital capability and ability to connect with existing and potential policyholders for both selling as well as servicing them.

APAS has been in the forefront in the areas assisting clients with fresh strategy and planning approaches, identifying strategic and financial investors, identification and selection of distribution partners and alliances and varied services to our clients.

The various services offered to premier insurance clients include :

Reshaping Strategy and Planning. Assisting clients with their business approaches, identification of new geographies, evaluating efficacy of distribution partners and all areas of growth and strengthening.

Merger and Acquisition Opportunities. APAS has assisted several overseas and domestic insurance companies in selling or acquiring equity in existing insurance companies.

Registration of New Companies and Ventures. APAS has market leader position in the area assisting new promoters with their application to the regulator for registration. APAS enjoys a leading position in assisting re-insurance companies with their branch approval for setting up operations in India.

Non-Banking Finance Companies – (NBFCs)

APAS assists in the formation of NBFCS by providing services including strategic planning, drafting of the business plan, structuring and filing the application for regulatory approvals. APAS also assists various NBFCs with business and operational strategies, and competitive intelligence. APAS helps companies grow in the ever changing regulatory and business environment and assists them to remain compliant with various regulations and laws.

APAS also provides “Go-To” market strategy for various organizations including foreign entities, with its’ rich experience and understanding of the markets, regulators, and the laws.

APAS provides services to NBFCs in their transformation initiatives. Large NBFCs may get an opportunity to migrate to universal banking model once the regulatory frame work is announced by RBI. APAS is actively involved with this possible reform and actively working with the firms in examining such an opportunity.

Wealth and Asset Management

APAS guides Wealth Management and Asset Management companies, including Mutual Fund companies in their Business and Operational strategy. The larger focus in case of these companies is distribution, customer relations and customer services, assistance with third party distribution alliances including identification of such intermediaries and assistance with their contractual arrangements.

APAS as witnessed a larger emphasis on aspects of technology including selection of fintechs, review of operational processes in the context of work from home opportunities and challenges. APAS supports the clients with identification of third-party solutions and assists clients in negotiating the service level contracts.

APAS provides assistance to the clients with their regulatory and compliance matters and provide services in the areas of independent assessment of compliance for the purpose of senior management and board members of these companies.